Swan Family Contact Service

The Child is at the Heart of our Service

We are an independent provider facilitating supervised contact in a range of areas. We also work with many local authorities to deliver this service and have experience in supporting families through this process.

The welfare and interests of children are our paramount concern. By providing a professional supervised contact service we can help support through a difficult time in their lives.


As a local authority, we were impressed with their professional and innovative approach to the work. From the point of award of the contract to the start of the work, they were able to demonstrate a flexible but consistent approach to the setting up of the service. 

There were TUPE considerations to be addressed with some staff and this was handled effectively with thought and consideration for those affected staff.

Swanstaff excelled at making sure that these families found the transition ‘seamless’.  There were no reports of any problems of transfer of the individual family cases.

Swanstaff have consistently taken the ‘can do’ approach to this service.  They have improved areas, which were of concern to the Council prior to Swanstaff taking the contract on.   These improvements were achieved quickly and with effective joint working between the Council and Swanstaff manager.

Commissioning Manager, Central Bedfordshire Council

Having worked in other areas this is an exceptionally good service, the centre standard is very high and I am confident in Swanstaff’s commitment to continued improvement.

LAC Service Manager Central Bedfordshire Council

Swanstaff have made a huge difference to our children’s services.

Delivery Director - London Borough of Lambeth