Our core purpose is to strengthen social and economic fabric by empowering people with opportunities.

Swanstaff’s four Core Values are at the heart of our business and everything that we do. Created by our staff, drawing on their own experiences and expectations of recruitment, these values are fundamental to Swanstaff’s culture. Throughout the business, we reflect our Core Values in our approach. They are integral to company processes, such as appraisals and awards. Our staff embrace these values and strive to meet them every day.

Believe that nothing is impossible

  • There is always a solution to every challenge.
  • Don't take 'No' for an answer. Question it.
  • To give up is to fail.

Treat all with respect

  • Treat others with the highest standard of professionalism.
  • Make people feel valued.
  • No judgements.

Exceed expectation

  • Always go the extra mile.
    Be extraordinary.
  • 'Wow' yourself and others.
  • Average is not acceptable.
  • Be the benchmark.

Create opportunities

  • Allow people to create
    and share wealth.
  • Recognise and reward great achievements.
  • No 'mediocrity'