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4 reasons recruiters are like Olympic athletes!

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4 reasons recruiters are like Olympic athletes!

With the Rio Olympic 2016 opening ceremony taking place tonight, it's hardly surprising we all have sports on the brain. The discussions about athletes have been buzzing around the office today and this has got us thinking. What do recruiters and Olympic athletes have in common? Quite a few things as it turns out!

They are driven

Top athletes just will not give up and this is a quality found in all good recruiters! A relentless work ethic and passion for what they are doing makes a brilliant combination. Just like the athletes, they bubble with energy, spending their time perfecting their technique to make sure they perform perfectly when they need to.

Determined to win

Whether it's closing a deal or crossing the finish line, they have an insatiable desire to be the best. The focus and competitiveness of an athlete can only be rivalled by recruiters placing candidates and aiming for top biller.

young professionals running in suits

Team Player

Not every sport involves playing with a team but there is almost always a team behind them, working together to help them achieve. Recruiters are very similar. Working as a team, like relay race runners, they play to one another’s strengths and break jobs into smaller pieces to get them done quickly and to the best of their abilities.

Go for gold

Just like an athlete, recruiters always have their eyes on the prize. They are determined to provide a gold (medal!) standard of care to their clients and get their candidates their dream role. 

go for gold

Can you think of any qualities or attributes of Olympic athletes you could apply to your own job role?