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4 top recruitment tips for businesses in 2018

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4 top recruitment tips for businesses in 2017

As we leave behind 2017 and say hello to 2018 it’s no secret that New Year is a busy time for the recruitment world. If you search “best time to find a job” you’ll probably understand why!

So how can you be sure to make your recruitment in 2020 is successful? Here are four top tips:

Start the recruitment process early

January is an extremely popular time for job seekers. It is vital to start advertising roles as soon as possible to make sure you get the opportunity to snap up the best candidates before someone else does. You should also interview as soon as possible to avoid losing out on the best candidates. It’s very common for people hiring to wait too long to make decisions and miss out in what is a candidate driven marketing.

Hire a specialist recruiter

Not only is this going to save you time as won’t have to do the advertising and sifting through potential candidates but they can also use their knowledge and talent pool to give you excellent candidates that you may never have found otherwise.

Be flexible throughout the hiring process

There may be a candidate that doesn’t have a specific qualification you have asked for but could be perfect otherwise that you can consider training. Most good candidates will have demanding schedules including work and other interviews, so try to be flexible and offer more than one day to interview on.

Be competitive

Don’t forget that candidates generally look for a new role because they are looking for progression in their career. Make sure you are offering a competitive package. Make sure that your hiring manager or recruiter knows all the information about your company culture and the lifestyle working for your company can offer so they can be sure to really sell it to candidates.

If you’re looking to hire a specialist recruiter, check out our Branch Locator to speak to your local team.