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Why jobseekers need to make THIS their New Year’s resolution!

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Why jobseekers need to make THIS their New Year’s resolution!

New Year is a time to make promises and resolutions, and for job seekers they often think “New Year, New Career”. So what is the best resolution for job seekers to make in 2017?

“Never stop Networking”

In a world that has become social media focused it is easy to forget how you can use this to your advantage when job hunting.  Did you know that 93% of Companies use social media in their Hiring process? So how can you maximise your chances of being spotted amongst the thousands of other social media users?

Freshen up your LinkedIn profile

ensure all your details are up to date, provide a number in your profile for recruiters to call, publish articles and share content that shows you are passionate about your career.

Attend seminars, classes and networking events relevant to your sector or businesses you work in

You never know who you will meet there and the skills you learn can be hugely beneficial to put on your CV. A great example of a class you could attend would be the free sessions run by Zoe Cairns and ZC Social Media - http://zcsocialmedia.com/all-events/ - A huge variety of businesses attend these and teach your skills which are sure to help you with using social media. If you aren’t local to Kent, there should  be an agency running similar events near you!

Let people know you’re job hunting

Obviously, if you already have a job it might be worth keeping it quiet from work colleagues but you can definitely tell people you trust. You never know who might know someone that can help you.

Be pro-active

Don’t just sit and wait for roles, search for specialist recruiters and companies you may like to work for. Reach out to them and let them know you are job seeking and interested.

Don’t pin your hopes on one role

Although it’s good to feel confident, make sure you apply for a number of suitable roles and keep yourself open to looking until you have an offer.

Good luck with your Job Search!