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What recruiters need to learn from Beauty and the Beast

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What recruiters need to learn from Beauty and the Beast

With the recent reveal of the latest Beauty and the Beast trailer and the film itself due to be released in March, fans all over the world are feeling nostalgic for the orignal 1991 version. Inspired by this childhood classic I couldn’t help but wonder what my favourite Disney film could teach recruiters between asking us to be their guest and be true to who we are.

So here are 5 lessons I think recruiters can learn from Beauty and the Beast.

“Beauty comes from within - there's something there”

That CV you’ve been looking over that isn’t quite as polished as it could be could be hiding a Prince! Unless you’re recruiting a proof reader or something similar, it might be worth letting that spelling mistake slide and giving them a call anyway to see how they sound. After all, the CV might only need a little recruiter magic to turn it around and really showcase your candidate.

beauty and the beast scene

“Never stop learning”

Belle’s insatiable hunger for knowledge should inspire you to make sure you ensure you are on top of any industry developments. This knowledge will help you to better understand your client’s needs and match candidates to them. You may even be able to teach them something they didn’t know!

beauty and the beast scene

“Don’t let fears get in the way of new experiences”

That business that you were thinking of going for but worried it would be too difficult? Go for it! Like The Beast stepping out of his comfort zone and feeding the birds with Belle, you need to go for that thing you didn’t think you could do. You never know where it might lead!

beauty and the beast scene

“Happily ever after, isn’t always easy to get to”

Happily ever after takes work, it’s not always going to be easy but you have to give it your all and throw your heart into it! If you invest time and passion into the company you work for, you might be surprised about the happily ever after you find there!

beauty and the beast scene

“Yet behind that fair façade, I’m afraid she’s rather odd!”

There’s nothing wrong with being a bit different. In fact, you should dare to be different. It is Belle’s differences that make her stand out and catch the attention of others. Try to make your social media posts unique and different. You can also try to do different things for clients as well to make you stand out from the crowd of agencies at their door. Whether that’s taking them hot drinks on a cold morning or sending a handwritten letter. Be different!

beauty and the beast scene

So what other lessons do you think you could learn from Beauty and the Beast that you can tie into your life or career? Let us know in the comments! 

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