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Why job interviews are like blind dates

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Why job interviews are like blind dates

Job hunting isn’t exactly easy when it comes down to it. Trying to find that dream job? "The One”. It’s like dating really. It’s more than knowing that “fashionably late” does not work for either occasion though. Don’t believe me? Here are 5 reasons why job hunting is just like going on a blind date, inspired by the fact Valentine's Day is coming up!

You only know the basic facts about each other

Either what was on the profile or job advert you looked at or from the “research” you almost certainly did on social media beforehand you only know a very limited amount about each other. Trying to research the company as much as possible will help you to answer questions and discuss the role in more confidence so make sure to do this!

You will worry what to wear

probably taking out multiple outfits before you finally decide on one. Make sure you lay your chosen outfit out the night before to save worrying about it on the day. (Obviously the type of outfit will vary based on the industry you’re applying for but here are our top tips for making sure you look professional in an interview.

You will get butterflies beforehand

Will they like you? Will you hit it off? Are you really ready for this interview? Just remember to take a deep breath, put your best foot forwards and go for it. This could be amazing! If you're still worrying about job interviews then check out our blog on the 5 most common interview worries and how to handle them!

You need to build a good connection quickly

It’s not always easy but building a good rapport with the person interviewing you can make the world of difference. It’s always worth looking them up on the company website and LinkedIn to try to find common interests you can use as talking points to help you connect.

You will be waiting by the phone for their call afterwards

Ok, so you’re pretty sure it went well. You could be made for each other! Keep that spark alive and send a thank you for their time saying how much you enjoyed yourself and look forward to hearing from them. Then you wait for that call back where they say whether they felt that spark too or found it with someone else.

Just like dating, job hunting can be heart-breaking. Don’t let being unemployed or single this Valentines bring you down. Use it as the opportunity you needed to push yourself to find the person or career that is your one true love! If you want to find your dream job, check out our vacancies here.