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A day in the life of an Accounting Apprentice

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A day in the life of an Accounting Apprentice

The following is written by Nathan Shutt, an Accountancy Apprentice here at Swanstaff.             

Nathan Shutt Swanstaff Apprentice                        

A normal work day for an Accounting apprentice like myself consists of inputting the day’s cash into the accounting software, collating all the relevant remittances and reconciling the bank once all the cash has been input. I would then either go on to doing any invoice queries that are outstanding or I would chase any clients for PO’s we are waiting for. I would also enter any invoices that need to go onto a 3rd party system around this.

Some of my day would be dealing with any new client clearances that the branches may have during the day, which means I need to create the necessary client accounts and link them up so when the invoices are generated they get billed to the correct account. Another responsibility I have is to take calls for the Credit Control department throughout the whole day for any client to relay queries to ourselves and then I can deal with them accordingly.

In the afternoon, I would either continue with any remaining queries/PO’s outstanding or if there was none to do, I would instead be inputting and scanning in the days cheques received in the post.

If it is the latter half of the week, I would start checking the week’s invoices for any errors, seeing if they can be corrected and if not enter them onto the error log report. After all the invoices have been checked, I scan them into our emails to be sent out by the automated invoicing software.

As it gets to the end of the day, I finish up on any last minute queries that need to be dealt with and I retype any invoices that need it, for PO purposes or general invoicing structure. Finally, before I leave for the day I tidy up on a bit of filing to keep myself organised and set up tasks for tomorrow

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