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What Is International Nurses Day?

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With all the attention and controversy surrounding the NHS in recent months, International Nurses Day is probably more relevant and important than it has ever been – but some people still haven’t heard of it!

So what is International Nurses Day?

International Nurses Day is a celebration of nurses and the nursing profession in general, across the world. It is an opportunity to thank nurses for the often thankless work they do, helping people every day.

What type of nurses is it for?

All types of nurses. No matter their level. Today is a day to celebrate everything they do.

Why 12th May?

The International Council of Nurses chose 12th May to be International Nurses Day as it was Florence Nightingale’s birthday. She is often called the founder of modern nursing and even though some people might disagree, the date stuck!

How can you celebrate?

It can be anything from writing a social media post thanking a nurse to visiting a nurse and saying thank you in person by giving them a gift, as Swanstaff branches across the UK will be doing for their superstar nurses working today!

If you’re a nurse looking for a career change or looking to get back into work, Swanstaff Recruitment can help. We have vacancies across the UK. You can get in touch with your local branch here.

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