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Which office jobs would the characters of Star Wars have?

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Which office jobs would the characters of Star Wars have?

They’re not in a galaxy far far away, in fact you probably work with them every day!

Today is 4th May, otherwise known as "May the Fourth Be With You"! In the spirit of this here are the roles we think the characters of Star Wars would have if they worked in a normal office job!

Hans Solo – The Dynamic Director

Creatively comes up with solutions

Great mind for problem solving

He’s got a great mind for problem solving but can get easily distracted if not kept busy. The challenge presented by growing and improving a company will motivate him to give his best and offer creative ideas for solutions to tasks and issues which will guarantee company success.

star wars character icon

Yoda - The Helpful HR

Calm and non-judgemental


His calm attitude and unbiased view of situations makes Yoda perfect for a HR role. He is definitely the sort of person you’d trust and want to go to for advice. Non-judgemental and helpful you can trust him to see both sides of the story and know what to do next. 

star wars character icon yoda

Luke Skywalker – The Active Apprentice

Huge Potential

Eager to learn

Luke’s potential was quickly recognised at his interview with your company. With his positive attitude and capacity for learning he’ll breeze through the course and find success within his chosen career path.

star wars character icon

Princess Leia – The Majestic Manager


Defender of the underdogs

She’s diplomatic and protects those who don’t defend themselves. With her quiet authority and the fact that she’s not afraid to speak out when something isn't right, she was the perfect choice for manager. Her ability to speak to her staff without being condescending but able to rally a team when a big project needs to be finished, are all the signs of a good manager and royal!

star wars character icon

Darth Vader – The Monster Manager

Crisis management genius

Good at meeting deadlines

While he may be seem as the bad guy he does know how to make tough decisions and can manage a crisis if needed. Big project are easy for him and he always sticks to a deadline. His ways of motivating his teammates may however not be the best and his morals can stray if not kept on the right track.

star wars character icon

R2-D2 - The Tech Trouble-Shooter

Technology wizard


Technology is definitely R2’s specialty so a job role which focuses on this is where he will shine. Quick, efficient and the ability to see where improvements can be made without giving up until he’s found the answer mean he can handle a lot of responsibility. He really puts his heart (or motherboard) into everything he does!

star wars character icon

C-3P0 – The Perfect PA

Highly organised

People person

Designed to interact with a variety of people and programmed primarily for etiquette and protocol this perfect PA is fluent in quite a few different forms of communication. Their slightly fussy and worry-prone personality means they question everything and are highly organised.

star wars character icon

Chewbacca – The Motivated Marketer


Friendly and loyal

Just as Chewbacca often served as Hans Solo's conscience in their smuggling endeavours which made people trust him more than they did Solo, this marketer is brilliant at getting customers and clients to trust their brand more. Loyal and conscientious but also stubborn, he protects his team and gets the job done!

star wars character icon

So what jobs can you see the characters of Star Wars doing in your office? 

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