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4 benefits of agency nursing

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4 benefits of agency nursing

Are you a NURSE considering agency work? Here’s a few things you might like to know…


1. Better Earning Potential - As an Agency Nurse you tend to get a higher hourly rate than for full time permanent roles. Nurses are in high demand in the UK so if you want full time hours you shouldn't have any trouble achieving this. Equally, you could work a permanent role and work additional hours for an agency on your days off to earn more.

2. Improve your skills - the variety of settings and daily duties that agency nursing offers are a great way to expand your skillset and widen your career progression routes.

3. Flexible Hours to suit you - As an Agency nurse you can choose the days and shifts you want to work, so if you prefer to work nights you can for every shift! If you need to work your shifts around childcare or other personal commitments then agency nursing is a great option! If you've retired from full-time nursing but still want to have an income then agency working is also a great option.

4. Being an Agency nurse is a great "in" if you are looking to change to a new working environment, for example you may have always worked in a hospital setting and want to move across to Elderly Care - by temping you can build your experience in this area and gain relationships with one or more organisations who may then consider you for a full-time role.

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