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7 hidden recruitment lessons from Finding Nemo

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7 Recruitment lessons from Finding Nemo

As today is the year anniversary of the UK release date of Finding Dory, I am taking the time to reflect on the lessons recruiters can learn from Finding Nemo. 

“Fish are friends not food.”

Remember to always treat candidates as valued individuals, not just numbers to fill roles. Be friendly and strike up a rapport with them and you’ll find them much more willing to accommodate you and go with the flow you suggest. Don’t snap, no matter how bad a day you’re having or how tempting it might be!

“Just keep swimming.”

This is possibly the most well-known quote in the film and with good reason as it applies to so many things in life. The recruitment world can be tough. Ignored phone calls, no reply to emails and budget freezes can get you down if you let them. But just keep swimming, even if it feels like you’re going against the current.

“Turtley awesome”

Be totally awesome in your role. Know your industry and exactly what the client if after so you can find the perfect candidate and perfect fit for the role. You need to make sure you always offer your clients the most awesome service so they’ll come back to you!

“Touch the boat”

Sometimes being a recruiter means taking a risk. Whether your swimming into open water or going out on a limb for a candidate who doesn’t quite match what the client said they were after but who you think could be perfect. Taking a risk can pay off!

“All drains lead to the ocean.”

All leads could too. Now I’m not promising massive sales and money with every lead, but if you don’t follow it up you will never know how big it could be and the oceans of possibilities out there.

“I didn’t come this far to be breakfast!”

Believe in yourself and keep pushing. Especially when you’re close to closing a deal but it needs that last nudge. Remember to assert your authority if you need to and close that deal!

“I speak whale.”

Learn the jargon, especially if it is a technical role you don’t fully understand or haven’t done before. You need to be able to translate exactly what the client is after into language you - and the candidates you are finding - will understand.

Remember, rip it, roll it and punch it. No matter how hard things may get ride that current and you will find what you were looking for.

Can you think of any other tips you might take from Finding Nemo?