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6 Amazing Benefits Of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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We recently published our article “what role does outsourcing have in recruitment” and promised you more information on how RPO can benefit your company.  Our full white paper is due out on April 1st but we thought we would give you a preview…

Below are 6 key benefits of RPO and HR outsourcing:

Increased Effectiveness

One of the most important benefits of RPO is scalability. Many employers have vastly fluctuating recruitment needs, due to industry trends and seasonal activity. If that’s your business then RPO can scale up for busy periods and scale back down at other times. It is also useful for companies experiencing high growth who need help scaling their recruiting capacity to meet demand.

Mitigating Risk

With RPO recruiting, every element of recruitment can be monitored by your RPO supplier – allowing comprehensive tracking, reporting and auditing of the recruitment function. This allows companies to have a fully transparent system and feel assured that high standard of training and compliance are in place and that their processes protect both them and employees.

Improved Efficiency – reduced recruiting costs

This is one of the top reasons why businesses choose RPO solutions; it is also one of the biggest benefits of RPO. Many companies will spend a lot of money on head-hunters or trying to recruit in house and taking staff away from their other duties. Particularly for companies with a high turnover rate this can waste money and resources. A significant advantage of an RPO agreement is the reduction in time to fill a vacancy – which improves the overall efficiency of the business.

Increased Candidate Quality

A great candidate is more than just experience and qualifications. Things like personality and company culture/team fit are vital. If hiring managers are pressed for time to fill a position or have a huge volume of applications to sift through, they may not look at these additional things which can help you know whether a candidate will have longevity. A good RPO supplier will take time to assess your company culture, skills sets for roles and special requirements. These will then be at the centre of their candidate sourcing process. This also results in an enhancement of your employer brand and values.

Detailed Insights – Analytics and reporting to aid with prompt decision making

RPO suppliers will utilise specialist technology platforms, like Swanstaff’s S-Recruiter which allows for “real time” reporting at a click of a button. With features such as the ability to authorise timesheets, have visibility of hiring costs and generate detailed analysis reports your hiring process becomes seamlessly integrated and stress-free to monitor.

A Bespoke, Tailor-Made Hiring Process

A fantastic advantage of an RPO is having a dedicated account manager and support team that will look at every aspect of your hiring process. From company culture audits, to candidate sourcing, to bespoke induction programmes, an RPO really can be a “one-stop” solution. Equally, you may only wish to outsource certain stages of your recruitment process and there are flexible solutions available, whatever your needs.

Here at Swanstaff Recruitment we have the capacity to create bespoke, comprehensive RPO services. We can support you at every stage of the hiring process, including proactive candidate sourcing, competitive market mapping, initial screenings, interview scheduling (including travel and meeting room arrangements), interview feedback, contract negotiation, new hire on-boarding, and post-placement follow up. We will work in partnership with you to create a recruitment structure which is perfect for your team and organisation. To find out more click here.