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Tackling NHS agency spend – the hidden problem

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Tackling NHS agency spend – the hidden problem

Whilst many are debating NHS Agency spending and the  “crippling” effect on the NHS or “greedy” doctors and nurses, Lahra one of our branch managers here at Swanstaff highlights a huge failing within the system:

It’s a little known fact that NHS Professionals Bank Staff are PAID for their Sick Leave. More surprisingly they are also penalised and put to the “back of the queue” if they turn a shift down, this can lead to them missing out on work for the next couple of weeks, something which many just cannot afford.

Therefore, Bank staff are accepting shifts they have no intention of turning up for – they are calling in sick on the day and the NHS are then forced to rely on agencies to fill the shift at the last minute. 

This means that the NHS are then paying out sick pay and a higher fee to the agency.

Lahra says

“By simply removing Sick pay for Bank Staff OR not penalising them for refusing work the NHS would make significant savings. Agencies would still have their place in the market, but there would be far less cases of “triple paying” for shifts. ”

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