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The Astonishing Role Of Outsourcing In Recruitment

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The role of outsourcing in recruitment

What role does outsourcing have in recruitment? This is a question that doesn’t really have a straightforward answer. It needs to be answered in several parts.

Firstly, what is RPO?

RPO is a business process outsourcing in which an employer hands over all or part of its recruitment process to an external provider. Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers can manage the entire process from recruitment to hire, or can manage one or two parts of it becoming an extension of  your HR department.

What can RPO include?

While some RPO providers take over the entire process of recruitment (this can be known as a managed service) for a company, in most cases they are taken on to provide specific services that improve what the client already has in place to ensure smooth running for the business.

Here are just some of the potential services an RPO provider can offer:

  • Candidate research

  • Compliance tracking

  • Reporting and Audits

  • Hiring Manager Training

  • Process Mapping

  • Technology Consulting

  • Third Party Vendor Management

Why Choose RPO?

Are you looking for a solution that is different from using a head-hunter or staffing agency? If so RPO could be for you. RPO is much more of a partnership with an in-depth analysis of your needs and culture. It helps to boost employer brand and find the best talent possible rather than just filling positions with people who are qualified.

If any of the following statements apply to you or your business you may find RPO would be a great option for you:

“My HR Department doesn’t have the time or staff to recruit for the business” – the recruitment process can be quite long winded from sorting through CV’s, to interviewing people, to writing the job descriptions.  A HR department is not necessarily the same as a recruiting department and requires different knowledge.

“I feel like I’m wasting money on recruiting companies” – the fees can add up if you are looking to recruit a large number of people. An RPO company won’t charge extra if your recruiting needs change or fluctuate throughout the year.

“I need to make significant infrastructure changes within the company” – If the problem with your recruiting is more than “we need better candidates” or “we need more administrators in this area” then an RPO company could be a good solution.

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