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5 golden ticket tips for after an interview

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5 golden ticket tips for after an interview

So you’ve managed to get through that interview. You’re feeling pretty good. Pretty marvellous. One might even say splendiferous considering the fact it’s Roald Dahl Day.

Now what? How do you follow up from this?

Here are 5 golden ticket tips from a Roald Dahl classic, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, for how to behave and what to do after an interview.

1.Gratitude. Charlie is grateful for everything he has and everything he receives. He always say thank you and so should you! Take the time to write a short email or letter thanking the interviewer for their time. For example:


I just wanted to say thank you for seeing me earlier and interviewing me for the role of ------. I really enjoyed meeting and speaking to you about the role.

If you have any further questions you’d like to ask me, please feel free to give me a call on ------ or pop me an email and I’d be happy to answer them.

I look forward to hearing from you

Thank you again

2.“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Believing in yourself is a vital part of searching for a job. If you don’t believe in your ability to do well in a role, how will you convince an employer you can do it? Stay positive, even after an interview.

3.“We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that and reverse it.” Now is not the time to rest on your laurels! Whether the interview went well or not quite as planned, it is worth continuing to look. Keep applying for jobs and looking at companies you might like to work for. You want to keep your options open, instead of pinning them on one role.

4.“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” Don’t take things to seriously or too much to heart. Rejections are hard but it doesn’t mean you are a bad candidate. It just means they found someone more suitable for that specific vacancy

5.“Tremendous things are in store for you! Wonderful things await you!” I am a great believer in the motto, “everything happens for a reason”. You might not get a specific vacancy but something better for you will come along and you will be free to grab it with both hands!

Can you think of any other advice you could take from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Happy Roald Dahl Day!