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5 Top tips for new graduates

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5 Top tips for new graduates

So you’re about to graduate and the world is your oyster. But you’re being faced with a somewhat daunting new challenge. Your job search.

It’s different for everyone

I’ve known people who got a job straight out of uni and some who took 8 months to get on the career ladder. However there’s no need to panic. Especially if you have a read through this top 5 list of tips for grads that our fab HR and Talent team here at Swanstaff have put together:

Be realistic and level headed about your prospects

Everyone has to work their way up in a company and your degree isn’t a springboard up the career ladder. Don’t be afraid to apply for entry level jobs. You will soon be able to prove yourself and work your way up to that dream job with hard work and commitment!

Cover letters are key

We can’t stress this enough. When you don’t have much on your CV, your cover letter is the perfect moment to show your personality and point out the skills you have that would make you perfect for the job. Don’t forget to personalise them to the company you are applying to and if appropriate to the sector or job you want, be a little creative with it and your CV (Check out our Top 5 Creative CV’s for ideas!)

Start applying before you graduate

If you leave it until after, you will be competing against all the other graduates. Experience is something that will make you stand out from the crowd so an internship or paid job you completed alongside your degree will prove you can work hard. This is also a good thing when it comes to references. A glowing reference from someone you interned with for 6 weeks is going to really look great and may be the boost you need to be better than another candidate with similar qualifications.

Make the most of experiences you’ve had

Ok, you may not have the two years in events management they asked for but you did help your friend set up and run a couple of charity events last year. Talk about their success and the skills you picked up from them. Or maybe you don’t have the 1 year working in computing they asked for but you do volunteer at your local library helping people learn how to use computers. Voluntary work and hobbies can be just as valuable as other experiences!

Don’t give up

You may not find that dream job straight away but keep at it. Job searching can be demoralising when you don’t get responses quickly or at all. Just keep trying, you never know which application could be your big break!

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