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10 ways we made our employees smile this week!

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10 ways we made our employees smile this week!

In honour of the fact it is National Smile Day today we thought we would share with you, 10 of the ways we made our staff smile this week and hopefully inspire you!

We announced our new bonus scheme! Based on feedback from our staff, we re-structured our bonus scheme which is so simple; even our CEO’s 87 year old Mother understood it when it was explained to her! More of our staff will now be eligible for bonus based on their current sales.

Breakfast Hampers

This week was what we affectionately called WOW. A “Week of Wellness” dedicated to making our staff feel good. This started with a hamper of breakfast goodies for the week, delivered on the Monday.

breakfast hamper

Quarterly meeting

This week was also the week of our Quarterly meeting. This involves staff coming together from all branches (from Swanley to Birmingham) to share thoughts of how the quarter went, a video of everything we got up to as well as awards, quizzes, challenges and more!

Give thanks

Another part of our WOW week - we organised a day of giving thanks to colleagues on our HR system. Overall we sent 179 “thanks” with a variety of lovely and positive messages, lots of people commented that it made them feel good and appreciate their colleagues more by reflecting on how much we support one another.

swanstaff recruitment infographic


A great way to make your employees smile is to give awards to staff who go above and beyond in their role. For example we reward the branch that has grown the most that quarter with a trophy, champagne and certificate.

Sit and get fit

As one of the most active part of our WOW week, we held a competition to create a video of your team doing “sitting down fitness”. It caused a lot of laughs and everyone got involved in the fun!

swanstaff recruitment fitness video


It’s always good to challenge staff and often this can cause a few giggles. Today we challenged staff to skip, plank and star jump their way onto our WOW week leaderboard of fitness! It doesn’t have to be too serious but can be a great team building and bonding experience.


We held a fun quiz with staff with questions on anything from the year branches opened to their Swan (as in the bird!) general knowledge! Sometimes we like to send round a riddle to encourage conversation and communication between all staff via email. It’s great fun and creates a brilliant, positive atmosphere to work.< >.


Celebrating birthdays is more than just an excuse for cake here at Swanstaff (though we’re not complaining about the amount of cake we get out of birthdays!!). We sing happy birthday, give cards and presents and decorate the birthday boy or girls desk. It’s always fun and we do our best to make every birthday as fun and special as possible!


We believe every company should give its employees the chance to feedback on their experiences and how they find working there. We announced yesterday that we will be sending around a survey for the Best Companies to Work For award, asking people for their feedback. As a result of previous surveys we have managed to make some exciting changes, including the bonus scheme mentioned in point one. We are also donating £2 for every survey filled out to Funding Neuro, a great charity close to the hearts of many in the organisation after a colleague was recently taken ill and started fundraising for them.