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5 job interview worries with easy fixes

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5 job interview worries with easy fixes

Job interviews can be a worrying process for everyone. If you’ve managed to get yourself an interview then well done you’ve already achieved something that other candidates may have not so remember that. I’ve put together the 5 main worries which people stress out about just before an interview and why they shouldn’t be worries at all!

Remember to keep everything in perspective, the worst that could happen is that you don’t get the job and although this would come with disappoint there is plenty more jobs out there that are just waiting for someone like you to apply.

Being underprepared

Preparation is key to a job interviews success! Research the company you are interviewing for, the more you learn the more prepared you will feel entering the interview. It shows the employer you are interested in what the company does and what it expects of its employees by having expressed this awareness.

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Arriving late

Being late to a job interview isn’t the best of starts so I have 3 tips for this worry. Ensure you leave plenty of time to get there to save yourself the stress of having to rush. Make sure you have an alternative route planned just in case of any mishaps that may take place. Lastly, you must make sure you have the correct details to be able to contact someone to let them know if you are going to be late, this looks much better than not calling as it makes them aware that you are respectful of their time if you give them a valid reason to why you may be late.

Making a bad first impression

Of course making a good impression on whom you are interviewing with is an important factor of a job interview and so can seem somewhat scary so just stay positive and polite and the rest should take care of itself. Pick out your outfit in advance, something suitable and professional. Simply looking presentable and ensuring you greet with a smile and a handshake is something that will go a long way with the interviewer.

How to sell yourself

When in an interview it is understandable that the main objective is to sell yourself to the interviewer but don’t make the error of just over using generic phrases about being “heavily organised” or about “how you have great time management”. This being said it is important to express these things in an interview but they are also things that they’ve probably already heard from numerous candidates so think about what makes you stand out. What have you achieved that would benefit the company by having you on their team. Be proud of your achievements and the skill set you have.

Predicting what questions will be asked

If you don’t have the mystical talent of being able to predict the future then just don’t try! It’s pointless stressing yourself out more when really there’s no way of telling what they will ask you on the day. Instead focus your energy on what you do know about yourself and your experiences that will help you get the job because ultimately that is the end goal.

So hopefully by now you’ve read this through and we’ve managed to calm your nerves about your job interview and you feel slightly more prepared. Now all that’s left is for you to take a deep breath and realise that you’re going to do great. We’re wishing you all the best from everyone here at Swanstaff Recruitment.