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5 ways every employee can sell!

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5 ways every employee can sell!

Almost everyone is in a sales role when it comes down to it. Every day you have to convince people that your service is worth their time or money. Whether you’re a lawyer, recruiter, sales executive or mechanic, you have to sell a product, service or your skills.

This isn’t easy and it does take practise to master the “art of selling” as it is sometimes called.

To help you out we have 5 top tips we learnt on a Sales Training Day held here at the Swanstaff Head Office!

Listen to customer needs

As much as your product, service or solution may be brilliant, the only thing people care about is the difference you can make for themselves or their organisation. Listen to their needs and tailor your approach accordingly

Use a mixture of open and closed questions 

Whatever product or service you sell it’s your job to connect the dots between a potential customer’s challenges or aspirations and your product's or service's capabilities. This is done by asking open questions to get them talking while you listen and then through closed questions to confirm facts and understanding.

Build a rapport and focus on developing a long term business relationship

Get to know your point of contact. You can ask what they are up to at the weekend, how their significant other is, etc. It shows you take an interest beyond the sell sell sell attitude many sales people exhibit.

Offer a consultative approach and solution based sell according to your clients requirements

What a potential customer really cares about is the value you can offer them and what you can give their organisation.

Remember to close and gain future commitment.

Whether it’s a confirmation of another time for you to meet up or call, or a plan of how you will make contact in the future, make sure you have something in place to continue that professional relationship.

Every conversation you have is a potential sale. Are you selling yourself well?