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All you need to know about the different kinds of recruiters

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Different types of recruiter explained

There are many types of recruiters. While they do the same job – find employees for clients or companies – there are different types of recruiter. It can be confusing to work out which type you are using or need so I thought I would write a blog to explain this. To give it a seasonal twist, I’m going to explain 5 types of recruiters, using Halloween analogies!

Head-hunter – Dracula (The Vampire)

Head-hunters are the recruiters that source and find talent in big companies

They are typically known for their “aggressive” recruiting style. They make it their mission to find talent that other companies may be hiding way, engage with them and then introduce them to another company.

Spooky Skills: Networking, matchmaking, cold-calling, negotiation, persuasion

Relationship building is very important to them. Much like the vampire I’m comparing them to they are skilled at the art of persuasion and convincing people to do what they think is best!

vampire meme

Executive Search Recruiter – The Ghost

Executive Search Recruiters are the type to find candidates for high level positions like CEO, executive, high level managerial etc.

They have built relationships with industry professionals for years to gain their network and knowledge. They will charge a retainer fee, meaning they get paid some money up front and then the rest after the candidate is found and placed.

Spooky Skills: Established network of contacts, often backed up by sourcing and recruitment team, people-person, business minded, matchmaking

As with a ghost they seem to come out of nowhere with candidates that other recruiters would never have been able to find!

ghost meme

 Agency Recruiter:  Junior & Senior – The Werewolf

Agency recruiters have access to specialized technology and often have their own networks of contacts. They are used to finding people for a variety of positions, levels and sectors, though they often specialise in one industry.

Spooky Skills: Large network of contacts, Boolean search expertise, social media gurus with large amount of social contacts, often speak to candidates during the evening and are adaptable to the needs of both candidate and client

Much like the werewolf they work best in a pack (team!) and bounce of each other’s success. They sometimes work late into the night (even on a full moon!) and are like a dog with a bone, determined, when it comes to sourcing.

fox meme

 Corporate Recruiter – The Wizard (or Witch)

This type of recruiter is usually part of a HR or Talent team and manages internal hiring for a company as a full time employee of that company.

When recruiting, a corporate recruiter will think about the tasks and skills required for the role and have a strong understanding of the company culture so that they can find the best “company fit” or “team fit”.

Spooky Skills: Strong company culture knowledge, interview knowledge, often social media knowledgeable, good at finding a high standard candidate, good a finding a candidate that is a perfect company fit

Very like the Wizard, they are known for being able to “magic” a perfect candidate out of thin air!

mr t wizard meme

Contract Recruiter – Dr Frankenstein

This type of recruiter is very similar to the Corporate Recruiter. Typically a contract recruiter is someone who works on-site for a company but is paid an hourly rate as a consultant or something similar (ie. not a full time employee).

These recruiters usually work on projects that ask them to find a team or group of people and once the project is completed they often have to find a new contract.

Spooky Skills: Able to be work on a large amount of varied recruitment, good at finding quick fits, often used for multiple projects.

As with Dr Frankenstein they are good at putting together a “monster” mish mash of personalities and skills to create a great team.

frankenstein meme

Have you worked with any of the above types of recruiters before? What was your experience? If you are a recruiter, what type of recruiter are you?