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Why Autumn is the best time to job search

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Why Autumn is the best time to job search

Well even though the sun has decided to put in an appearance while I’m writing this it’s clear that the evenings are drawing in and it’s probably time we all accept that Autumn is on its way.  Though it’s getting darker earlier, it’s not as gloomy a prospect as you might imagine. With no sunny afternoons and BBQ’s in the garden to distract you, what better time to invest your time in looking for that job you’ve always wanted?

Still not feeling motivated? Not to worry, here are my top 4 tips for kick starting your autumnal career transformation so you’ll be blossoming in your new role by Spring!

  • Make the most of those wet weekends and early sunsets. You’ve almost certainly got a little more time on your hands since going out in the evening has become an indoor only activity! Now is the perfect time to make a plan. Maybe set aside one or two evenings every week to your job search.
  • FALL back in love with your career. Are you tired of your job or didn’t like your old job? Maybe the hours don’t suit anymore or the job isn’t what it used to be. They best way to fall back in love with your career is to sit down and write the things you like about your job and the things you don’t. Next think about a time you were happiest in your career. What’s changed since then? When beginning your job search it helps to know exactly what you are after and what things you need to avoid so that you don’t become unhappy in your next role.
  • So what’s first with your search? Updating your CV! Like the spring clean before summer, autumn is the perfect time to spruce up your CV. Add new skills and qualifications you might have gained and update your work history. If you will be applying for a range of different roles it is worth taking the time to come up with a few different versions of your CV tailored to different positions. You can also take this time to set up a cover letter template to use when needed.
  • So now you know what you want, you have the CV set up to get it and it’s time for you to start looking at all those job boards. Registering with as many agencies as possible will get you the maximum exposure. Autumn is a great time for job hunting, especially for temporary work in the run up to Christmas for some industries.

So that’s my tops tips for your autumn job hunt. What would your tips be and do you agree that autumn is a great time of year for your career?