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Why your recruitment MUST reflect your company culture

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Why your recruitment MUST reflect your company culture

Your company culture is perhaps one of the most important parts of your business operation. Companies are often sharing their values and character through their branding and social media but do not extend this to their recruitment process.

When deciding whether or not to apply for a job, candidates want to know exactly what awaits them in that role. They want to know more than just the duties of the position; they want to know the personality of the business and the people working there. With the rise of review sites such as Glassdoor, what your employees say about you is now even more important than ever.

Here at Swanstaff we try to share our fun side when advertising jobs, for example our “Super-Recruiter” advert!

swanstaff recruitment superhero advert

So here are four reasons how and why your recruitment campaigns MUST reflect your company culture if you are to find the right candidate for your company.

Share your culture

In an extremely competitive job market for businesses and candidates it’s easy to get lost in all the generic ads but giving an insight into your company is essential.

A candidate that fits in well with existing staff and the role needs to be given strong reasons to apply for your job above others. You may know they’d be the perfect fit but you need to show them that. For example:

It’s okay to outsource

Some companies are under the mistaken impression that outsourcing their recruitment can be damaging to the sharing of their company culture. This is not the case with a good RPO Provider (not sure what RPO is? (Find out more here) or recruitment agency that cares about culture fit.

Like attracts like

Getting creative with recruitment isn’t always an easy task. Many of the companies we at Swanstaff work with find that creating adverts that reflect them and their culture is time consuming, and often they don’t have all the necessary resources to do it.

We help our recruiters by creating bespoke adverts in both image and text form to share and find people that will fit in well with their client. Make sure your advert reflects the sort of company you are and the people you are hoping to attract.

Picture this

Share your company culture as much as possible on social media accounts. People will often check out a business’s social media presence when preparing for an interview so you need to make sure yours shares photos and videos of what it is like to work there. Here at Swanstaff we share a variety of things from birthday announcements to an office hula hooping competition.

Finding a new member of staff who will fit in well and become another loyal team member needs you to go above and beyond traditional recruitment methods nowadays. Showcase your staff, your company and your culture and you will find someone who will thrive in the business!

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