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10 Things Only Drivers Will Understand

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10 things only drivers will understand

It’s probably fair to say that anyone who holds a driving license of some kind has their pet hates about driving, whether it’s the driving itself or the other drivers on the road. Being behind the wheel of a vehicle comes with its difficulties and even though you try your hardest to explain to your friend who constantly seems to be in your passenger seat the things you find irritating, there’s just some things that you can only understand if you’re an owner of that little pink card.

Bikers and motorcyclists

Do you ever just wonder if they are looking to cause an accident? They’re practically invisible and come out of nowhere. You spot a cyclist just ahead of you and suddenly your adrenaline levels rise as you realise you somehow have to overtake this cyclist who is just happily gliding down the road with not a care in the world. Move!

Bad weather

Driving can be fun at times, when its sunny and you’ve got your music blaring suddenly being stuck in a confined vehicle isn’t too bad of a thought. So, winters fun too right? Nice cup of coffee to go, heating up high can’t be too bad. Although if you’ve ever had the pleasure of driving through torrential rain, heavy fog or even snow? Yeah that’s not too fun.

Braking suddenly

You’d of thought people would’ve realised that you have brake lights on vehicles for a reason? So why people insist on braking so harshly is something that’s baffling. The best thing to do is to slowly brake like you’re supposed to give some warning.

Red lights

Ever been driving somewhere in a rush and wonder if you’ve just been cursed with constant bad luck. When you have all the time in the world to get somewhere its nothing but green green green but no; you’re in a rush and all you can see is a stream of red lights.

Drivers who use their phone

Do people not understand how dangerous this is! Its 2017, get a hands-free system!

That awkward look

So you’ve found yourself caught up in a slight bit of road rage, making gestures and mouthing words at each other. You suddenly end up at a red light or in slow moving traffic. All you can picture is the look that you’re probably getting from the person in the vehicle next to you. Or maybe you’re the person giving the death stare to the person who just cut you up. Either way, HOW AWKWARD is this moment, all you want is for the lights to turn green so you can drive off and never have to see them again.


Did you know that all vehicles have these small lights on either side of the rear end that allows you to let other drivers know when they’re about to merge or turn left or right? Amazing isn’t it this tool of communication that people just don’t seem to know exists.

Parallel parking

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that this is something as a driver you either can or can’t do. As frustrating as it can be to find parking a struggle, there’s also nothing more awkward than watching another driver epically fail at attempting to park.

Weekend drivers

If you’re someone who drives7 days of the week I’m hoping you’ll get what I mean by this. People who tend to commute by train or other form of transport Monday-Friday and so don’t spend their weekdays driving somehow miraculously seem to forget how to drive in these short 5 days! They are slow, never know where they’re going, love to drive, think they own the road and some of them simply should not be on it.

Last but not least. Slow drivers in the fast line

This is definitely a pet hate that every driver can relate to. Why do some drivers think it’s appropriate to drive 50mph in the fast lane when there is evidentially a queue of drivers desperate to get past!

So that’s my rant over, got anything else you think only drivers can understand? Drop it in the comments below to share your wisdom with the world.

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