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Which firework personalities are in your office?

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Which firework personalities are in your office?

With Halloween now over and done with, our thoughts have turned to the next event on our calendars, Bonfire Night! So what better way to incorporate it than with a Bonfire Night themed blog post!

Today I’m asking which of these firework personalities you can see in your office.

The Rocket

The office extrovert, this chatterbox is as big and colourful as the fireworks of their namesake!  Not afraid to be the centre of attention and take the lead in group projects, they can sometimes be seen as a little domineering and tend to be more hot headed than other people in the office.  They thrive in roles that involve Sales, Customer Service or Recruitment.

The Mine

This agreeable little firework is calm and trustworthy, whilst still offering a bright display. Just as this firework brings together a display, this person can bring together a team. They do it all without leading but guiding them to success. You will probably find this person in a HR or Administration type role.

Catherine Wheels

This fun little firework is a goal orientated person. They are organised and carefully plan their route and day through lists and note. They love their charts and planning things before going for it. Controlled but brilliant at what they do, they succeed in Accounting and PA/Secretarial type roles.

Roman Candle

This bubbly imaginative person is probably in charge of all the social events in the office! They love being creative and meeting new people. They’re easy-going but fun to be around and you can always rely on them for anything from ideas to the latest gossip! They are usually in customer or client facing roles such as Sales or Event Management due to the fact they can get along with everyone.


Normally seen as the office introvert, this person appears quiet and shy until they are given a spark of an idea and then they light up! They get along well with everyone, even the hot headed rockets and are great for coming up with imaginative ideas. You will find Sparklers in a variety of roles, including Marketing, Graphic Design and IT

So which firework personalities can you see in your office? Can you work out which one you are?

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