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Why is it important for employees to have first aid training?

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Why is it important for employees to have first aid training?

Workplace First Aid training is an integral part of the safe running of any business, in fact it’s the law. Businesses must have at least one appointed first aider, who is responsible for maintaining the first aid kit, providing first aid and contacting the emergency services in an emergency situation.  Some businesses are legally required to have a trained first aider on site, whether this is mandatory or not depends on the type of business.

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With 59% of employees in the UK not feeling confident enough to administer First Aid in an emergency, training is something all businesses should consider. Here’s why…

  1. It can save lives in and outside of the workplace not only benefitting the company but society as a whole.
  2. First Aid training encourages employees to become more safety aware, reducing accident rates in the workplace.
  3. Training employees in First Aid can boost morale; higher morale creates positive employee attitudes which lead to positive results for the organisation.
  4. Putting groups of employees through First Aid training is a great team building exercise and allows employees to engage and interact with each other whilst learning important skills.
  5. Having multiple employees trained in First Aid can cut costs for an employer, although there is an initial outlay to pay for the training, having less accidents at work saves money in the long run.
  6. Training also shows you care and invest in your employees which leads to them feeling more valued and increases staff retention.

If you’re considering introducing First Aid and Basic Life Support training to your workplace contact us today on 01322 478 902 or e-mail us on courses@swanstaff.co.uk with any queries.

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