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3 reasons you need to start your new job before Christmas

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3 reasons you need to start your new job before Christmas

Job hunting is never easy but you may have noticed an increased number of jobs about in winter. This is because some companies will be trying to use up their recruitment budget before the end of the year.

Some will offer jobs on a temporary to permanent contract, offering you a contract that will allow you both to decide if the job is right for you before making you permanent.

If you’ve been thinking about looking for a new job but are planning to wait till January because you believe there will be more jobs then it may be worth checking these benefits of starting a new job in December first! 

  1. Christmas is often a very social and positive time of year. It’s great for bonding and building relationships with colleagues. Christmas parties and get togethers will give you the chance to get to know the other staff in a more informal setting.
  2. Client facing roles will find December brilliant for introducing yourself and meeting them. People are often more relaxed and expect the visits and drops with gifts so are more open to seeing you.
  3. In contrast, some businesses find December to be a quiet period so this will give you the opportunity to get your training done and build an understanding of the business before things pick up again.

So whether you’ve been debating that move for a while or just feel like you might like a new job for the New Year, go for it!

If you are on the lookout for work then why not check out our current vacancies page to see if we’ve got the perfect job for you!