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3 things that will get you on A recruiters naughty list (and how you can avoid them)

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3 things that will get you on A recruiters naughty list (and how you can avoid them)

If you’re hoping to find a new job over Christmas then working with a recruiter can really help you. However, there are a few things that might put you on the naughty list and prevent you from getting that dream role.

Here are the things that will get you on the naughty list and how to avoid them:

Yell and sell branding

Yell and sell branding is using fancy words to describe yourself. “I am a hard-working, organised self-starter with excellent communications skills and am incredibly detail-oriented” does this sound familiar? Employers only skim and scan you CV and if they are seeing all the same words then you are not going to stand out from every other potential candidate, keep it to the facts. Most recruiters are more than happy to go through your CV with you to improve it and help you make the best impression possible. If you want to find out how your CV is read by recruiters then check out this blog here.

Snarky follow up emails/calls

Sending a thank you email or card after an interview is fine but constantly chasing for feedback and an answer can be quite off putting to a recruiter. They are often waiting on the employer to feedback to them and will be in touch when they have information for you. If you still haven’t heard anything after 5 business days then it’s worth a follow up call or email to remind them you are interested.

Dressing inappropriately for interview

Nothing reflects worse on a recruiter than a candidate who turns up to an interview dressed inappropriately. If it doubt about what you should wear, ask! Want to know what to wear to look professional? Then check out our blog on that here.

If you want to talk to our recruiters about getting on their nice list instead of their naughty list then find your local branch here.