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3 things that will get you on A recruiter’s nice list (and get your dream job faster!)

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3 things that will get you on A recruiter’s nice list (and get your dream job faster!)

We are well into December now so it definitely time to accept that Christmas is nearly here.

With that in mind we are letting you know our top tips for getting on a recruiters nice list this year. Check out our other blog for the things that will get you on the naughty list!

  1. If you are not right for the job, offer to help find other candidates

If you realise the job is not quite right for you then try suggesting other people you know who might be suitable. This will not only help your recruiter but also the person you suggest and your kindness will not go unnoticed. You never know who people might know!

  1. Good timing

“The early bird catches the worm” will never be more relevant than when you are job searching and attending interviews. Employers love it when candidates are early as it shows that they are committed and enthusiastic. It can help to plan your route and even run through it before the day to make sure you know how long it will take. This will reflect well on your recruiter and mean they look good which will definitely get you a spot on nice list.

  1. Knowledge of the company

Showing employers that you have knowledge of the company tells them that you can be organised and efficient, which is needed in any job that you will be going for. It will also make things easier for the employer as they won’t have to regurgitate information to you. It shows that you are ahead of the game. If you want to find out how to research a company before an interview, check out our blog on that here. Again this will make your recruiter look great and in turn make them happy!

If you want to talk to our recruiters about getting on their nice list then find your local branch here.