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5 benefits of investing in Fire Safety training

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5 benefits of investing in Fire Safety training

Depending on which industry they work in, many employees may not see fire safety training in the workplace as a high priority. When it comes to fire safety training employees may just turn up and take part to meet legal requirements but ensuring employees are safe at work should be a priority for organisations in every industry. Fire Safety training can in fact be integral part of this.  There are multiple benefits to employees being fully equipped to deal with a fire and as an employer it is crucial to ensure your staff make the most of Fire Safety training: 

  • Employees’ feeling unsafe in their working environment has been proven to lead to lower levels of productivity.
  • This is due to being unsettled and distracted by potential hazards that they face. Being fully prepared for an emergency situation such as a fire can help to increase employee productivity levels and ensure they are working to their full capability, benefitting the business.
  • In the event of a fire/fire drill, it is important that staff remain calm and in control as rash decisions can increase risk of the situation worsening. Fire safety training will help employees to behave rationally in an emergency and allow employers to discover which employees may excel in these situations and make a good fire marshal for the organisation.
  • Ensuring staff are more knowledgeable about fire safety across the whole company is important. However, we recommend that there are at least one or two appointed Fire Marshals in any organisation. Some businesses will legally need to appoint an official fire safety member of staff. The job of the appointed personnel is to be knowledgeable about fire safety but to also ensure the whole of the workforce are regularly updated on fire safety and to encourage employees to follow basic procedures on a day to day basis.
  • Ensuring your workforce is educated and knows how to spot potential risks helps to give employers peace of mind. Being able to trust your staff to keep the organisation running safely on a day to day basis, no matter what size company, is crucial and fire safety training can help to ease an employer’s stress over safety within the working environment. 
  • When a whole workforce is educated in fire safety and competent in preventing fire risks, it can pay off financially for the employer. When employees use office equipment and machinery correctly repair and servicing costs can be reduced. The cost of employee sick days due to workplace injuries will also be lowered.

For more information on our Fire Safety Training and Fire Marshal training courses please visit our website - http://www.swanstaff.co.uk/about-us/training