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5 reasons to keep job searching over Christmas

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5 reasons to keep job searching over Christmas

Over the Christmas period it’s easy to get distracted and swept up in the festivities. However you shouldn’t let this time go to waste if you’re job searching and here’s why

  1. There’s less competition for job roles - As most people are enjoying eating selection boxes, you can be taking advantage of being one of the only people applying for the wide selection of job out there!
  2. Business does continue – Whilst some businesses do close for Christmas they are often open the days before and after so it is worth emailing and applying over this time. You can get your application in at a time when they may not be getting many, so yours will stand out.
  3. If you slow your search down it can be harder to get it started again – If you decide to slow down or stop job searching it can be harder to start up again as you lose track of what you have already applied for and where you have already looked. By continuing over the Christmas period you make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities.
  4. Make the most of the time off – If you’re already working it can be hard to find the time to job search but over the Christmas period you can make the most of the extra time at home to look for work. Shoot out emails to companies you would like to work with when it’s quieter!
  5. Reconnect with people you know – Christmas is the perfect time to get in touch with your connections.  A simple Merry Christmas message can be a great conversation starter. You can ask people how their year has been and what their plans are for the New Year. You never know who they may know.

If you’re looking for work and want to get a head start on the competition then get in touch with our hardworking recruiter elves at your local branch today.