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The Bushtucker Trials of job searching…

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The Bushtucker Trials of job searching…

…and why a recruiter could really help you through them.

Ok, so it’s not anything like having bugs in your hair or having to eat an animals unmentionables but job searching, like a bushtucker trial can be hard. 

Luckily there’s a team of experts on hand who can help you overcome them.

Trial 1 – CV worries

Does your CV work for every role you apply for? Probably not. Tailoring your CV to individual roles can be the difference between getting a role and not getting a role. However it can be time consuming to do this for every role you apply for.

A recruiter can help in this aspect of your job search by wording your skills and experience in a way that will get the attention of potential employers reviewing your CV.  

 Trial 2 – Interviewing for lots of unsuitable jobs

When looking for a job it’s easy to apply for hundreds of jobs that may not be suitable just to make you feel like you’re making progress. You may even end up going to multiple interviews that will not lead to anything because you do not match the requirements well enough or you discover that the role just isn’t for you.

A recruiter can help here too as they will be able to tell if the role they are putting you forward for is right for you. After all, they are working for the employer and will not want to waste their time by sending them an unsuitable candidate. You may not be interviewed as much but with interviews, as with many things it’s quality over quantity.

 Trial 3 - Communication with the potential employer

It’s so hard to know when and how often to contact a potential employer. How soon is too soon to follow up after an interview? Should you call to make sure they got your CV? Should you email? What’s the best way to get in touch with them?

A recruiter takes this worry away from you by managing the communication with a potential employer on your behalf. They know the best method and times to contact them and can keep you updated. A good recruiter will let you know when they will follow up calls and keep you in the loop at all times.

Can you think of any other things you can learn from bushtucker trials? If you’re looking for a job then get in touch with our expert recruiters today for a free confidential chat.