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Why you need to be hiring in December!

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Why you need to be hiring in December!

The lead up to Christmas is typically very busy in recruitment. Clients are trying to use up the last of their recruitment budget and candidates are looking for a position to start in the New Year.

But some clients may be more reluctant about starting a new starter before Christmas. This can be for a number of reasons but here is why they SHOULD be starting new hires in December!

Social benefits 

You may be missing an opportunity for creating a highly engaged member of staff during a very social time. Christmas parties and team outings are the perfect opportunity to help get to know new starters and vice versa. 

Time saving benefits 

Delaying a candidates start date can sometimes leave you vulnerable to counter offers or alternative offers. This may mean that you end up having to start the recruitment process all over again in January.

Commercial benefits

Commercially it can help to train up your new member of staff before Christmas as for some companies this is a much quieter period. That way you can see results when you begin to get busier!

Competitior advantages 

Your competitors are likely to be gearing up to interview and hire in January. By hiring now you will have the advantage and be able to tap into the talent pool before they do! 

Show off your company culture 

It can be quite hard to demonstrate your company culture when showing someone around your office. The festive period is great for this however, as you can show it through the decoration of your desks or office!

 So with all these reasons why wouldn't you want to hire a new member of staff in December?!

If you want more advice on how to recruit at this time of year you can get in touch with our fantastic recruiters. Find your local branch here.