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10 ways to stay motivated during your job search

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Job searching is tough, but it’s even tougher to stay motivated whilst job seeking.

We all know how powerful a rejected application can be. I’ve been tempted to hide under my duvet for a week from a few! Knowing how rough it is, I have put together a few top tips that helped me to stay motivated whilst looking for a job…

Have a plan

By this I don’t mean a plan of what you want to do as a job but a physically written plan. Think about how you are going to search for a job, why you want to do the job and how you are going to apply.

Create a hotlist

Research into 20 to 50 companies that you would LOVE (not wouldn’t mind, love) to work for. Make a note of these companies and write down why you would love to work for them. This will get you thinking about different aspects of why people work other than for the money.

Write down some short/long term goals and daily and weekly goals and once achieved, reward yourself.

This will allow you to always have something you need to achieve which will keep you motivated as you will constantly have that feeling of “I done it” and the rewards are just the bonus!

Get yourself involved in some voluntary work experience

Doing this will allow you to cross out the jobs which you think you want to work in but actually you know nothing about and will create more motivation to look into the jobs you do really want to do. It’s important to always gain some sort of experience in a job before you apply for it so that you 100% know if you are going to enjoy it instead of wasting your time and the employers

Create a vision board

This may sound silly but honestly it works more often than not! I use it even when I am employed. The vision board can have anything on it that will motivate you to succeed in your life e.g. a dream house, car, job or salary. Make sure it is visible every day!!!

Have one day a week where you forget about job searching

This will help you feel like job searching is not all you do! You may be beginning to feel swamped with all the applications and cover letters you are writing, take a day off. You will feel more stressed if you feel as though job searching is all you are doing and this can cause you to lose motivation.

Surround yourself with employed/motivated people

Surrounding yourself with people who are self-motivated will naturally make you want to be motivated as well. Also, being around employed people may give you an advantage for upcoming vacancies! DON’T SURROUND YOURSELF WITH ‘GLASS HALF EMPTY’ PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

Read biographies and auto biographies on successful people

This really helped me in my long, apathetic job search, a really good one is ‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson which is a real inspiration all about how Steve Jobs started off in his parents garage and worked his way up to be one of the most successful men in the mobile industry.

Join a job search group

Job searching can be one of the loneliest tasks you can complete, especially with no support from others around you. Joining a job search group can help as being around or talking to people who are in the same boat as you can sometimes make you feel competitive which is a motivational feeling to succeed.

Create a brag profile on yourself

Having no self-confidence was my biggest flaw. I would never have applied for jobs that seemed out of my league but since creating a brag list about myself, being forced to think of good things about myself and thinking “I can do this” instead of “there’s no way I can do this”, I have had a lot more confidence in applying for jobs and going to interviews than I did before.

Following these steps can really keep you motivated during your job search. Remember, your value does NOT decrease just because somebody fails to see it. 

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