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10 ways to support employee’s mental health

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10 ways we support our employee’s mental health (that you can use too!)

As it’s Mental Health Awareness Week we thought we would share some of the things that we do here at Swanstaff to support our staff’s wellbeing and mental health. Hopefully some of these ideas can inspire you.

An open and fun company culture

Whilst it’s great to be productive, it’s also good to break things up by doing something fun or silly in the office. This can be anything from chair races (making sure to double check with whoever looks after your health and safety!) to building a human pyramid or having a hula hooping competition! It doesn’t have to take up a lot of time but getting people laughing is great for morale and a positive mental attitude.

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Open door policy with management

Our brilliant management team have an open door policy, meaning you can go to any of them for advice with your issues or concerns. Our brilliant HR team are also there to answer any problems or questions you might have. They are always there to support, only a phone call or email away. We really encourage staff to open up and let someone know if they’re struggling or need additional support.

Wellbeing week

We hold regular “WOW” events – the Week Of Wellness are full of wellbeing activities for all staff. To find out more about what these involve, click HERE.

Great office space

Our offices are amazing (if we do say so ourselves!). They incorporate large open plan areas where the majority of staff work, alongside glass offices for managers to emphasise the openness of the culture.  We also have a number of quiet areas such as the bean bags meeting area, separate meeting rooms and a snug little room known as the library. We also have the more communal “Swan” which is our staff room. It includes a TV, fully fitted kitchen and bar. This is great to encourage our staff to really relax away from their desk on their breaks to make sure they come back from breaks feeling rested!

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Regular meetings 1 on 1 with manager

An opportunity to highlight issues you may be having that you haven’t felt confident bringing up at other times, also an opportunity to discuss progress and development  you might be interested in within your role.

Buddy scheme

Here at Swanstaff we run a buddy scheme for new starters which pairs them up with someone else doing the same role but at another branch within the company. This gives them the support of being able to speak to someone they don’t see every day to discuss anything that might be worrying them about their job role or to simply brainstorm ideas that can help them in their role.

Perk Box

Our Perk Box system gives all our employees access to hundreds of fantastic codes and vouchers to get them money off a variety of things such as meals out, gym, wellness classes and family activities. This really helps to support their emotional wellbeing outside of work.

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Be positive

If an employee has to take time off due to ill health or stress then our HR team have open communication with them to ensure we are doing all we can to support them. This can include a phased return to work, with reduced hours or duties to ease them in. For us it is important to focus on what employees can do, rather than what they struggle with to build their confidence and get them back into their original role at a pace that is set by the individual.

Social events

We have a number of social events, including Christmas and summer parties which everyone is invited to. We also go to awards evenings and everyone is given the opportunity to go to these. This is done by putting the names of everyone who wants to go in a hat to give them all a fair chance at getting one of the tickets.


As a company we organise and take part in events to support a variety of charities and causes. This is great for giving everyone a real sense of achievement and making them feel good which aids positive mental health.

swanstaff recruitment dress up for children in need

Tracey Isom, HR Advisor at Swanstaff said:

"Mental Health is a taboo subject despite it affecting 1 in 7 people in the workplace. Taking care of mental health is so important, not only for employees own wellbeing but to enable them to be productive and efficient at work. At Swanstaff we take mental health seriously and strive to ensure our employees happiness and wellbeing comes from within!"

What are your company doing to aid a positive environment for good mental health? Let us know in the comments below

If all of this sounds like the type of company you would like to work for then please get in touch with our Talent Team on 01322 473 157.