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5 things you should never do in an interview

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5 things you should never do in an interview

There’s a lot of blogs and advice out there to tell you what you should say and do in interviews but what are some things you need to avoid?

These 5 things can negatively impact your chances of getting a job so have a read to make sure you don’t make them!

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Appear uninterested

55% percent of recruiters say this is a big deal-breaker in an interview. Employers want somebody who will bring energy and focus to their team, and will engage with the job. Being disinterested in an interview or failing to show any sort of enthusiasm only tells the employer that you do not have the passion and drive they want an employee to have. Employers will see this as an example of how you would act on the job itself and will know they can easily find someone better.

Talk negatively about current or previous employers

Even mentioning about previous employers issues from previous employers is a major turn off for 50% of employers. Companies won’t want to employ someone that blames previous employers for mistakes whether they are the fault of the company of not. If they are asking about a previous company you were with then it is best to say that you are leaving due to lack of progression or looking for a change.  

Dressing inappropriately

Before thinking employers are playing the fashion police instead of interviewing you about your skills, remember they are doing this for a reason. Employers will look at little things like wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose, too dressy or too casual, or wearing brands and logos in professional settings is a bad sign. During an interview they are not only looking to see how you will fit into their team but also evaluating how you would appear to their customers and future clients.

Not having researched the company

If you don’t appear to know anything about the role or company then it shows a lack of interest in the job and can instantly put them off you. It makes you look like you do not seriously want to the position. Make sure you research as much as possible before the interview.  

Ask generic questions

Lack of knowledge about the organisation or role you applied will lead to you not being able to able applicable questions and prove that you know what you are talking about. This would lead the interviewer to believe that you would show a similarly limited interest in your role.

Are there any other things you think should be avoided in an interview? If you’re wondering how to stay motivated during your job search check this blog out. Or if you have an interview coming up then check out these 5 essential items you need to take to an interview!

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