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7 ways to make your office more positive and welcoming

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7 ways to make your office more positive and welcoming

This Mental Health Awareness Week we are discussing the importance of taking care of your employee’s emotional wellbeing at work. The environment you work in is perhaps one of the most important things you need to get right to make sure your company is a positive and happy place to be.

Director of Support Services, Zoe Murray says:

There is great power in creating a positive and welcoming workplace and making it an environment that people want to spend time in.  When designing our workspace we spent a lot of time making a functional space that captured the personality of our brand, reinforcing our positive and progressive plans.   Our vision, our values, our history and most importantly our future plans are all emblazoned on the walls. 

It was also incredibly important for us to create areas with a less formal vibe for creative thinking and breakaway areas.  We all spend a lot of time at work, no one wants to stare at grey walls – workplaces should be positive.  Changes don’t have to be big budget either, we have a memory wall that cost very little for me to put together.

So with this in mind, here are 7 ideas that you can use to help make your office a more welcoming environment:

Tea, coffee and fresh fruit available to staff 

As simple and obvious as this may sound, catering to the needs of your staff makes them happier. Being able to take short breaks to make cups of tea may also help them to feel more refreshed and productive when they return to their desks.

Swanstaff recruitment head office

Plants and flowers 

These will make any office brighter and can have a positive influence on a person’s mood. Some people do however suffer from allergies so fake plants and flowers can be a great idea! Here at Swanstaff we use Floral Image for our flower arrangements and it’s very difficult to tell that they are fake due to how natural they look.


Whether this is an inspiring quote, a poster on the wall or wall art illustrating core values; colourful artwork can really help to make people more creative and feel happier. At Swanstaff we have an illustrated timeline on our walls which shows where we have come from, how we have grown and has space to add future successes. This is a great motivator to staff especially as they can track the progress of the company since they started and know that they contributed to getting us where we are.     swanstaff recruitment head office


Music is known for being great for productivity and mood. We always have the radio playing here and it is not only great as a background noise but also for a sing-a-long if a song everyone likes comes on. You haven’t heard anything until you’ve heard our rendition of “Summer of 69!”

Cosy and communal areas 

We have a number of areas in the office which are designed as cosy areas or quiet spaces. The Library features bookshelf print wallpaper, a fireplace and comfy chairs. We also have a Beanbag meeting space in the middle of the office, which as you can imagine is very popular! Communal areas such as “The Swan” staff room, are also good as it offers a great space for interaction and means people can relax and chat on their lunch breaks.     

swanstaff recruitment head office


Sweets, cakes and drinks on special occasions such as birthdays can be another great mood booster as they often encourage interaction to discuss the event and chatting to work colleagues can make your staff feel more at home.


Including personal touches in an office is great for make people feel included and fostering a sense of family. Here at Swanstaff we have a wall of achievements and a board covered in photos from social and charity events. Our staff love being able to spot themselves and share funny stories from the events.

swanstaff recruitment head office

Obviously the people you work with play a huge part in your day to day life so making sure you surround yourself with a great team of likeminded people who share the same attitude and values as you is vital!

Are there any other things you think are important to make your office a great place to be?

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