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How a recruiter can help with your job search

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How a recruiter can help with your job search

So you’re looking for a new job. You’ve read every article and blog out there on how to maximise your chances at bagging that dream role but you could be missing one key ingredient…a recruiter!

Don’t believe me? Here are 4 things a recruiter can offer that you wouldn’t have otherwise!


Typically a recruiter will specialise in a particular sector or type of role so their experience in the sector could give you the advantage you need. They will often know a variety of employers and can match you to one that’s perfect for you.

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CV advice

If your CV is lacking or needs more or less detail in sections, they can advise the best way to do this. They see CV’s on a daily basis and can tell you what will help yours to stand out. They can also advise specifics a client might be looking for that you need to make sure to include.

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More opportunities/roles not yet advertised

If you build a good relationship with your recruiter they can keep you in mind when roles come in and call you before they are even advertised. Make sure recruiters you choose to work with know you and your requirements so that you can be sure they only put you forward to roles that would suit you.

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Interview coaching

Their top tips can help you showcase your talents and they can also advise you how to behave with specific interviewers to give the best impression you can!

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So with all these benefits, why wouldn’t you use the talents of a recruiter to boost your job search?

If you’re looking for great recruiters you can trust, get in touch with your local Swanstaff branch today.