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Nurse Revalidation - busting myths a year on

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Nurse Revalidation - busting myths a year on

So a year on from the introduction of the Nurse Revalidation Scheme - what have we learnt? 

We'll be discussing some of the key myths surrounding the revalidation process and making sure you have the information they need to ensure they comply with the regulations.

You can also download our FREE NMC Revalidation Guide Here.

‘I don’t deliver hands-on clinical care so I don’t need to revalidate’

This is incorrect. If you are an NMC registrant, you must revalidate every three years. To do so, you will need to demonstrate 450 practice hours, or 900 if you are revalidating as a nurse and a midwife.

‘I don’t work in a permanent role so I can’t revalidate’

If you work as an agency or bank nurse or midwife you still need to revalidate. 450 hours across three years equates to 150 per year and only 12.5 hours per month. Need more hours? Click here to view Swanstaff vacancies.

‘I’m retiring next year, so I don’t need to revalidate’

If you do not revalidate when requested to do so by the NMC you may find that your registration will lapse. If this happens, you will not be able to practice as a nurse or a midwife for any period of time until you have successfully re-applied. There is a charge and a considerable amount of additional work for re-entry onto the NMC register, so it’s in your best interest to maintain your registration.

‘I will revalidate at the end of the month’

Wrong! You must submit your revalidation by the first day of the month in which your registration expires. For example, if your renewal date is 30 May, your revalidation deadline will be 1 May. Don’t get caught out by this change.

‘I need to save my portfolio electronically’

The NMC strongly recommends that nurses and midwives keep evidence that they have met the revalidation requirements in a portfolio, but this does not need to be electronic. What’s more, they have templates and forms available for download which can be printed and completed by hand too. 

You can also download our FREE NMC Revalidation Guide Here?.

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