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Why I chose an Apprenticeship

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Why I chose an Apprenticeship

Written by Stephanie Taylor, Business and Marketing Apprentice at Swanstaff Recruitment.

In 2014 I completed my GCSE’s and then came to the decision just like other people at that age, whether I would go into a sixth form or go to college. Just like most people I decided the best option for me was to carry on at the place I was studying and go into their Sixth form. I chose to study 3 subjects: Media studies, Film Studies and Art as I am a very creative person and I feel that these really reflected my personality and allowed me to carry on studying the subjects I enjoyed.

After finishing my two years of Sixth form I decided to start apply to agencies to get an apprenticeship, which isn’t the most obvious choice. Even though all my friends were going to university I didn’t feel like that was for me. I prefer to learn hands on rather than on paper. I knew the path I wanted to follow was in digital marketing or advertising and after researching I realised it wasn’t necessary for me to go to University to follow this dream. Although many people do not see this as the typical choice for an 18 year old to make I knew this was right for me.

Reasons why I chose an apprenticeship over university:

  • An apprenticeship appealed to me as I realised that a lot of employers are looking for experience over qualifications these days. I knew I wanted to work in digital marketing and after looking into jobs they were always asking for experience which university just did not offer me.

  • One of the biggest things that swayed me towards doing an apprenticeship was the fact that you don’t get into any debt because you are earning whilst you’re learning.

  • Apprenticeships are designed with the help of employers to offer a structured programme that coaches you through the skills you need to be successful in that particular industry; this allows you to get the practical and relevant experience you need. I found this more helpful to me as I am a practical person, I would rather be shown how to do something and try doing it myself than read about how to do it in a book.

  • Having an apprenticeship allows you to receive the support and guidance you need when you do not understand how to do something. Unlike at university when after a lecture, if you don’t understand something the only real instant communication would be via email.

  • An apprenticeship allows you to strengthen your CV with the transferable skills you learn. They are often useful and adaptable to most industries as your ability to interact within a social and professional environment will develop with everyday you spend at work which is a key reason why employers are keen on hiring apprentices.

After going for many interviews with agencies and having interviews for roles at companies such as Google, I managed to land myself an interview at Swanstaff Recruitment. I instantly knew that this was somewhere I would love to work. The employees were friendly, bubbly and knew how to make the working day so much more enjoyable. When researching into Swanstaff I saw how many charity events they were involved in as well as seeing all the different things Swanstaff do as a company it made me even more enthusiastic to get the job. Throughout my time at Swanstaff everyday has been entertaining, everyone works extremely hard which appeals to me as I had been to interviews where they didn’t seem interested in pushing me exceed expectations.

I am so glad I decided to go for an apprenticeship rather than going to university especially when talking to friends that did go to university and hearing all the problems they have had since being there. I cannot wait to learn more about Swanstaff and develop my digital marketing skills whilst growing within this organisation.

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Photo: Left to right: Steph dressed up for our Children in Need Disney and Dapper Day. Steph and at The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies Awards Evening. Steph Go-karting for a charity event) 

Are you currently looking for an apprenticeship? At Swanstaff we are constantly on the look out for new talent. If you think you've got what it takes to make it as an Internal Recruitment Apprentice then we may have the role for you!

Get in touch with Lucy from our Talent Team by emailing her with your CV and a brief description as to why you think you could be a great swan: lucy.sutton@swanstaff.co.uk