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4 ways a recruitment agency can help with workforce planning

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4 ways a recruitment agency can help with workforce planning

What is Workforce Planning?

Workforce planning is a plan used to identify and analyse the needs of a business in terms of staff to achieve its goals.  Typically this covers a 3-5 year period and is used to identify skills gaps, turnover rates, recruitment needs and salary projections to better understand the expected cost of staffing on the business.

So how can a recruitment agency make your workforce planning easier?

One Contact 

Rather than dealing with various different agencies, you can use a single contact for all your staffing needs. Not only does this simplify your processes but it also means one invoice and one person who will fully understand the needs of your business and can deliver to meet these. Here at Swanstaff we make sure we provide a 24 hour service so we can help fill even those last minute shifts.


As mentioned before, the process is much simpler if you only have one person you call when you need staff. It also means that you have less to worry about as often all the checks to do with qualifications and previous work references are done by recruiters and/or a dedicated compliance team to make sure you only receive the highest quality staff.


You may only need large amounts of additional staff at certain times of year, such as the Christmas period. A recruitment agency can put a plan in place in advance with your company to support large volumes of recruitment when you need it.

Standard Rates 

Rather than having multiple agencies on different rates, working with one recruitment agency will allow you to have a standard rate. This will allow for predictable financial forecasting and planning for your business.

If any of these sound like things your business could benefit from then please get in touch with your local Swanstaff branch today to find out more about the numerous benefits of working with us as a specific agency!