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7 Things Only People Who Work in Healthcare Will Understand

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7 things only people who work in Healthcare will understand

It takes a strong and passionate person to work within the Healthcare sector and I think it’s fair to say that even those who love their role know that you have the good and the bad. From getting a thank you from a patient or their family, to those long shifts that feel like they'll never end.

Being a Healthcare professional comes with its ups and downs, there’s no doubting that. Sometimes you might find yourself trying to explain these things to a friend who doesn’t work in Healthcare and they just don't understand. There are things that sometimes you can only “get” if you work in the industry.

Forgetting to take shoe covers off after your shift

Do you ever wonder if your job is taking over your life? When you finish your shift just take a look down and if you’re still strutting around in your shoe covers like a Victoria Secret model, the answer is yes.

Ever gone out for dinner with your partner after a shift and wondered why everyone is starting at your feet...

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Completing 14+ hour shifts on under 5 hours sleep

Working in Healthcare means long shifts. Having a strong coping system and mentality is essential, BUT you get to look after some pretty amazing people who have some pretty amazing stories to tell.

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The burst of excitement you get when you see the patient that keeps you sane

Although some people may not admit it, everyone has their favourite patient, whether it’s because they have hilarious stories to tell every day or because they are the least irritating. Regardless, nothing can beat the burst of happiness and excitement of when you get to see them!  Sometimes, seeing them can be the make or break of your entire shift!

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When one of your family members gets sick and the smug feeling you get when you can tell people how to look after them #thatsmyinnernurse

That huge sense of “move out the way guys, this is my department” when a family member is sick and technically you are the only person with the knowledge of the correct way to treat them.

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Waiting for the pharmacy to send over meds like …

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Realising you have only peed once in your busy 16 hour shift

Sometimes it can be so busy; you can be run off your feet…and forget to use the bathroom!

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Having to rush documenting to be in time for the shift change.

Healthcare professionals know better than anyone the idea of rushing, especially when it comes to the documentation of how the day went with their patients.

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