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How to have the perfect phone interview

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How to have the perfect phone interview

No matter what your age or experience is, a phone interview can be a daunting task. It can be a real challenge to read the other person and react to them based solely on their voice. It’s easy to let nerves get the better of you when you desperately want to make a good impression.

So how can you make sure you have the best phone interview you can?

Cut out all distractions and focus

If you are distracted then you might have a delayed response to questions. You may also not hear the whole question which could end up looking as though you are not interested in the role you are interviewing for. If this does happen then speak calmly and politely asking them to repeat the question as you didn’t quite hear it. 

Remember to smile

Believe it or not, people can hear whether or not you’re smiling in your voice. If you are trying to sound positive and animated, then remember to smile. If you’re speaking about something serious then adjust your expression accordingly. You wouldn’t believe the difference it can make! 

Research about the organisation or job

Make sure to fully research the role and company you are interviewing for to be sure you can answer any questions they ask. Being able to relate your answers to the company you are interviewing with shows that you care and are showing interest in your role. 

Talk slowly

When people are worried or nervous they tend to speak faster and are harder to understand. It is important to think quickly but speak slowly when responding to questions. 

Thank you email

Don’t forget to email the employer you interviewed with, thanking them for their time and consideration. This should be done the day of the interview and addressed to anyone who was involved in or on the call.

Are there any other tips you can think of that would help someone doing a phone interview? If you’re looking for work then get in touch with your local branch today!