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Social media branding for healthcare professionals

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Social media branding for healthcare professionals

Whether you’re a Nurse, HCA, GP, Support Worker or any other Healthcare industry worker it is important to make sure you look employable online. Gone are the days when you post out a load of CV’s and hope to hear back from someone. Now you can look for a job in your pyjamas (although not when it’s gets to interview stage, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves!)

You need to remember that potential employers and recruiters will look you up online before hiring or sometimes even inviting you to interview. So here are a few top tips to make your profiles employer friendly!

Profile Picture

No matter which social network you sign up to, you are asked to upload a profile picture of yourself. This is the beginning of your personal brand so make sure it is suitable. If it’s not a picture you’d like your boss to see then it’s probably not the best one to use! Facebook is typically a more personal network so photos with friends are fine there, however when using LinkedIn, try to stick to a professional head shot, similar to one you would have on a staff badge at work.

Privacy Settings

We all have things we would rather keep private, make sure your profile is protected by utilising the privacy settings social networks offer. On Facebook you can even categorise people and choose the audience your post reaches so you can stop colleagues from seeing embarrassing photos.

Share Relevant Content

On LinkedIn make sure to follow pages such as Swanstaff that share relevant news about your industry. This could be anything from changes in legislation to things other care homes or hospitals are doing that you can try in your own workplace. This shows you are interested in staying up to date with all current news and developments.

Target the Right Social Network

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with Recruiters and see when they post new roles that might be of interest to you. It is known as the professional network so is great if you are looking for work. Alternatively you can search recruitment companies or potential employers on Twitter and Facebook using the search functions there. You can message the company and ask for the best person to speak to regarding the role you are looking for.

Can you think of any other tips you would give to healthcare professionals who are looking for work? If you are looking for a great new role then check out all our current vacancies here.