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10 ways you can share happiness in the workplace today

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10 ways you can share happiness in the workplace today

As today is International Day of Happiness we thought we would share ten ways you can share happiness and make the people you work with feel good.

Give someone a handwritten note or card to thank them or let them know that you appreciate them

have a nice day note

Make a donation to a charity or cause with your colleagues. Working together to raise money can really help you feel good! It's as the phrase goes, "do good, feel good."

donation note

Let someone know you’re proud of them. Maybe they recently completed a course, received a promotion or are doing well in their role. Whatever it is, let them know that you recognise they work they have done.


Get to know someone new. Pick a colleague you don’t know well and make an effort to speak to them.

young professional male smiling

Tell someone a joke to make them smile.

group of professionals laughing at a laptop

Share your favourite inspiring quote with your team and find out theirs.

group of young professionals

Leave a note or drawing on someone’s desk to make them smile.

smiley note

Make everyone a tea or coffee (or whatever drink they would prefer!)

lots of cups of tea

Talk about the reasons why you love your job, not only will this create conversation but it will make you all feel more positive and grateful.

i love my job badge

Check in with someone you know is having a hard time. Ask how they are and if you can do anything to help.

young woman looking sad

What other ways can you think of to spread happiness at work? Let us know in the comments below