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5 warning signs that you need a new job

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5 warning signs that you need a new job

Everyone has those days at work where they feel bored or frustrated. It’s inevitable. But if you find yourself having more bad days than good then it may be time to look for a new job.

Not sure if this is you? Have you noticed one or more of these tell-tale signs?

The Monday Feeling

Lots of people get the Monday blues, especially after they’ve had a fun weekend. However, you shouldn’t be dreading going to work or feeling anxious on Sunday evening. If you’re in the right job, you should be able to enjoy the time that you are not at work, without worrying about when you are next in.

No Recognition

This is a big one. Recognition can be anything from a thank you for doing something to pay rises or promotions. It can also include being consulted and being given the opportunity to learn new skills to develop in your role. If you feel ignored or underappreciated then it may be time to look for a workplace where you will feel valued.

No Challenge

If your role doesn’t challenge you then you will very likely become bored. If you find yourself clock watching or finding the role mindless then it may be worth looking at something else.

No Future

If you’re struggling to see a future at your company, either due to lack of development or nothing for you to move into then you may again find yourself bored. It’s important to have something to work towards and a clear goal in mind to motivate you. Without a plan for meaningful career development you may need to look for a new role.

No Change

If you’ve spoken to someone about needing things to change or concerns about your role and nothing has improved then it may be better to change your job rather than continue to try to change the way the company is working.

If you’ve noticed one or more of these things then it may be worth you thinking about moving on.

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