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How to beat the Winter blues in the workplace

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How to beat the Winter blues in the workplace

So winter is well and truly here and any may be feeling the effects of the shorter, colder days and be struggling to shake that sluggish feeling.

If at this time of year you find yourself feeling moody, depressed or snapping for very little reason then you may be part of the population who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder, otherwise known as “SAD”.

Research commissioned by The Weather Channel and YouGov, shows that 29% of adults experience symptoms of SAD at this time of year, ranging from low energy levels, to low self-esteem and anxiety.

So with this being a relatively common problem, how can you stop it from affecting you in the workplace? Here are our top tips!

 Put effort into getting ready for work

You may be craving those soft and snuggly clothes but whilst they can have a soothing effect it can also negatively impact your mood to dress down or cut corners in your morning routine. If you are used to gelling your hair or applying some make up then try to keep doing that. Studies have shown a clear connection between dressing up and daily happiness levels. What you wear can affect how you feel so try to avoid letting your morning routine slip for a few extra minutes in bed.

 Get goal setting

During winter it is so easy to slip into that every-day-is-the-same-nothing-changes mind set. Make sure you set goals for yourself over these months. These could be daily goals such as ticking off five things on your to do list, or bigger professional goals such as pursuing a promotion, finishing a big project or taking on a training course to learn something new. Working towards goals can really help as a distraction to take your mind off how you might be feeling.

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 Making social plans

So you’ve got the office Christmas party coming up, that’s great but try to plan other evenings or lunches out with your colleagues. It can really help team building to spend time together outside of the office. You spend a lot of time with these people in work so making sure you have good positive relationships can help you feel good when in work as well. On top of this going out can also really lift your spirits!

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Find rituals that boost positivity

Some of the most successful people in the world attribute their productivity to their routines and rituals. This could be anything from not checking your emails for the first hour in work to give yourself a chance to work in peace, to writing a list of the things you must do tomorrow as the end of the day. Writing lists can really make you feel better as you see the tasks being ticked off as you work through them. I can’t be the only one who writes things they’ve just done onto their list so they can tick it off and remind themselves of all the things they have completed that day! It’s all about finding what works for you so create rituals that motivate and give you back the structure you may have lost due to the change in daylight hours.

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Remember, although you may be feeling stuck, these feeling will pass. If it is really affecting your daily life then have a look at this NHS resource page explaining ways to manage SAD or see your doctor for further advice on how to manage your SAD symptoms.