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How to really stand out in a group interview!

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How to really stand out in a group interview!

It can be difficult make sure an employer notices you in a group interview, so it is important to have a clear idea of how you want things go. You need to stand out, without showing off. Here are our six top tips on how you can do this

1. Research Beforehand

You should research the history of a business and more about the industry they work in. It can be useful to know the names of people like the CEO or Directors and particularly about the people who will be interviewing you and their role within the business. This is something most candidates will do so not knowing basic information will reflect badly on you and make you appear unprepared. We have a blog here that explains how to research a company!

2. Arrival Time

Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your interview to demonstrate good timekeeping skills and show that you want to make a good impression. If you turn up late to the interview the employers will wonder if that is what they can expect of you when you work for them.

3. Make Sure You Have a Clear Idea Of The Impression You Want To Make

Making a good first impression is vital to help you stand out in front of the other candidates. You need to be confident and show your knowledge without being boastful. Your interview is the time for the business to get their first impressions of what type of candidate you are. It is important to make sure you speak clearly and it may be worth rehearsing some of your answers to popular interview questions to help with the confidence in your answers.

4. Try and Answer First Every Once In A While

Answering first every now and again is really important, because it will show that you’re a confident person and you aren’t afraid to lead an interview, but at the same time make sure that you aren’t always interrupting other candidates to show you respect the opinions of other people.  This is often something employers will look for as they will need someone to

5. Smile and Show Your Interest

During an interview you need to make sure you make eye contact as this will show you are confident person. Remember to smile and nod to show you are engaged and listening to what the interviewer and other candidates have to say.

6. Ask Informative Questions

During the interview or at the end of interview the interviewer may ask if you have any questions and if so make sure you have prepared some questions that are suitable and only mention things that haven’t been discussed during the interview. 

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