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How to research a company before A job interview

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How to research a company before A job interview

So you have your interview booked in and there’s one thing for sure, you need to prepare! One of the biggest mistakes made by people preparing for an interview is not knowing enough about the role or company. (To find out the other mistakes and worries people face, check out this blog here)

So what information do you need to know?

Firstly you need to know the company and the key players within the company. This will include the CEO and senior management team.

Who will be interviewing you? You should try to find out things you have in common so you can tailor your responses to questions. It can also help you feel more confident in recognising them when you first meet if you see their pictures on the website or social media like LinkedIn.

Whilst on the subject of social media, you should check out the company on social media. This can involve more than just looking at the accounts and how they interact with people. You can search the company name to see what the mentions of the company are like.

This may help you to find out more about the company culture. Seeing how their employees feel about them is also vital so you can check Glassdoor and Facebook for reviews from employees about what it’s like working there.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly make sure you understand the company. What does it do or sell? What do they do that makes them different? What are their core values or their mission? Make sure you know their industry and competitors well enough to discuss them. If you’ve not worked in the industry before they won’t expect you to be an expert but showing a good level of understanding and interest, proves that you care and are motivated enough to want the role.

In summary you need to make sure you know:

  • The CEO and key players

  • The history and background of the company

  • The culture, mission and core values of the company

  • What do they do/sell

  • What is their USP (Unique Selling Point)

  • What are their biggest competitors?

Can you think of any other things it is important to research or know about a company before an interview? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter!