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How you can help put a stop to modern slavery

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How you can help put a stop to modern slavery

Slavery is typically thought of as a thing of the past, but unfortunately rather than disappearing, slavery has changed and there is a new modern slavery that the Stronger2gether Campaign is fighting.

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This type of slavery is defined by the type of conditions someone may be being forced to work under. So how can you spot if someone you know is the victim of modern slavery and what can you do to help them?

A victim of modern slavery may:

  • Be forced to work when they don’t want to. This is more than just being asked to cover a weekend shift occasionally. The person may be given no option and forced to work all hours.

  • Have to pay someone money to give them work. They may believe they owe the person employing them or helping them find work some sort of debt.

  • Be forced to live in accommodation against their will. They may be forced to live in cramped conditions shared with others.

  • Unable to have access or control of their identity documents and bank account. They may feel they are unable to ask for them back or gain access to them.

  • Have someone threatening or intimidating their family. They may feel as though they have no choice but to work for these people to keep their family safe.

As recruiter you can help reduce the exploitation of workers by criminal gangs and abusive individuals by making sure your company and companies you work with implement the following:

  • Screening and risk mapping to identify high risk industry sectors, activities, country, region and spend suppliers

  • Review of the effectiveness of existing due diligence processes

  • Develop a supplier audit process to assess operational indicators of forced labour

  • Implementing fair hiring initiatives throughout the supply chain

  • Make sure to give workers a voice and react on concerns they may raise

To find out more about Modern Slavery and the Stronger2Gether Campaign click here.